CES 2008: PSP Slim Skype hands-on video

Skype - Image 1Here’s another quick PSP-related update coming from the Consumer Electronics Show. We’ve just managed to pick up a video demonstrating the handheld console’s much-anticipated Skype feature, the call being made between a PSP Slim and a cell phone. Catch the footage in the full article.

CES 2008 - Image 1

It looks like we won’t have to wait until the end of the month to get a peek at the PSP Slim’s upcoming Skype feature. This VoIP service was the topic of a recent video taken at the Consumer Electronics Show over at Las Vegas. SCEAÂ’s Cristian Cardona was also in this footage to give the audience a brief tutorial on how the whole setup works.

As Cardona explained, PSP owners can make calls to either other PSPs or to cell phones. PSP to PSP calls are free, which calling to a mobile bags you extra charges. There weren’t too many details indicated during the video, although it should give you ideas of how easy to use the new feature should be when it launches. Enjoy the footage!


From Crackle: Skype on PSP

Via US PlayStation blog

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