Circuit City offers Rock Band and 1600 Microsoft Points bundle

Circuit City logo - Image 1If you don’t have your own copy of Harmonix‘s Rock Band and own an Xbox 360, then you may grab this chance to get your self a decent kit and nab yourself a nice extra. Check out Circuit City‘s deal: get a Rock Band Special Edition bundle and grab an MS 1600 Points card for only US$ 169.99. If you’re going to be a good kid, then head on over to the full article to find out how to lower that price even more.

Rock Band cover - Image 1If you were late in catching the Rock Band craze, then let us point you to a store that will let you get more bang for your buck: check out Circuit City‘s Rock Band offer, which will let you net an Xbox 360 Rock Band Special Edition bundle and a Microsoft Xbox Live 1600 Points Card for a face value price of US$ 169.99.

Sweet, yes? Not only will you get to rock off as soon as you pop in the disc into the console, but you’ll also get to purchase a few downloadable tunes and jump start your library of Rock Band music.

However, the sweet deal doesn’t end there: if you add the coupon code MCA2T22A9U, the cost for your rocking kit (guitar, drums, microphone, etc) and the Microsoft Points card will go down to only US$ 152.99.

If you haven’t gotten Rock Band for the Xbox 360, we suggest that you grab this chance now. Yes, now. Because like all good deals, this won’t last for very long.

Via Circuit City

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