City of Heroes celebrates fourth year anniversary with new events

City of Heroes celebrates fourth year anniversary with new events - Image 1We’re sending out word that the City of Heroes MMORPG has recently celebrated its fourth year anniversary. In line with this, NCSoft has lined up some special events, along with a special “thank you” letter written by lead designer Matt Miller for the fans. Further details are available in the full article.

City of Heroes celebrates fourth year anniversary with new events - Image 1We’re reminding the gamers that yesterday, April 28, marked the fourth year anniversary of NCSoft‘s City of Heroes MMORPG. In line with this special occasion, game designer Matt Miller (aka Positron) dropped by the CoH official site to send out a letter of congratulations for the game’s denizens for their loyalty.

It also laid down some of the past innovations that kept the game going, and some of the “missteps” that the devs have run into in days past. Hey – even heroes make mistakes, right?

Miller also posted some interesting statistics  regarding the game since it’s launch (Quoting the community site):

  • Since City of Heroes launched:
    • More than 32 million characters created – thatÂ’s 4 times the population of New York City!
    • Players have spent a combined 292 centuries playing City of Heroes and City of Villains
    • More than 100 million items have been traded through the consignment (auction) houses since they were launched in 2007
  • Most Popular Origins
    • Mutant (25%)
    • Magic (24%)
    • Natural (21%)
  • Most Popular Archetypes
    • Hero: Blaster
    • Villain: Mastermind
  • Most Popular Travel Powers
    • Fly (34%)
    • Super Jump (30%)
  • Most Traded Item (via Consignment House)
    • Base Salvage: Alien Tech Salvage
  • Most Wealthy Archetypes
    • Heroes: Scrappers
    • Villains: Brutes

The devs are also announcing the release of a new City of Heroes/City of Villains calendar, now available at the official site. The calendar will give the gamers an idea of what’s to come in the next few months. We’ve posted some of the bigger events to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • May 6th, 2008: Issue 12: Midnight Hour enters Open Beta Testing
  • July 18, 2008: Double XP Weekend Begins
  • October 20, 2008: Halloween Event Begins
  • December 15, 2008: Winter Event Begins
  • January 23, 2009: Double XP Weekend Begins

Those interested in picking up the calendar, or reading Miller’s full letter, can access the MMORPG’s official site via the source link below.

Via City of Heroes community site

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