City of Heroes: new and improved character creator, user interface

City of Heroes - Image 1For those of us who want to recreate our own personal superheroes in NCsoft‘s City of Heroes, we’ve got a special update. The upcoming Issue 12: Midnight Hour update for the game will make sure that you’ll be able to do that without the hassle of picking from hundreds and hundreds of costume pieces. Check out the full article for all the details.

City of Heroes - Image 1

Eagerly awaiting the upcoming update for NCsoft‘s City of Heroes MMORPG, Issue 12: Midnight Hour? Then here’s something that should get you even more pumped – the details about how the game’s User Interface and Costume Creator are improved overall, for better customization and user accessibility. Let’s take a closer look and see just how.

Now, if you’ve ever played an MMORPG – or even any RPG, for that matter – you’d know that the game relies heavily on a lot of numbers, some of which we don’t really know how they figure into the game. Issue 12 takes care of that with the implementation of the Real Numbers feature, a feature that lets players see how those numbers actually figure into making us better and more powerful heroes.

So how is this feature implemented, then? By an additional button that’s been added to the Character Creation screen, named Show Detailed Info. Clicking this would then let you see all the numbers involved in your skills just by hovering your mouse pointer over that skill. Very awesome.

What else, then? Why, the improved Costume Creator, of course! You can’t be a superhero without a themed costume, and by the time Issue 12 rolls out, players will now be able to select entire costume sets from a convenient pull-down menu, rather than selecting each piece individually. This takes all the hassle out of making a costume that’s just right for you, and gets you right at the action.

Definitely a very user-friendly update, Issue 12 is. More details at the via link below, so enjoy!

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