Clerks-themed Wii mod for View Askew’s Kevin Smith

Clerks Wii mod - Image 1If you’re fond of Kevin Smith‘s irreverent humor in View Askewniverse films and other media, then you need to check out this Clerks-themed Wii mod, created by the Morpheon team, who also created the Rockstar-themed Wii mod. The pictures in the full article!

Kevin Smith Wii mod - Image 1 Kevin Smith Wii mod - Image 2 Kevin Smith Wii mod - Image 3 Kevin Smith Wii mod - Image 4


Fans of View Askewniverse and Kevin Smith can now ogle at a Wii mod, themed after Kevin Smith’s movie, Clerks. This awesome Wii mod, created by the Morpheon team (of the official Rockstar-themed Wii mod fame), features a monochrome black Wii console, and pimped up with a stand highlighted by figurines of the main cast of Clerks.

Other details to this one-of-a-kind mod are two pairs of Nunchuks and Wiimotes, both painted black. One of the Nunchuks has Kevin Smith’s name handpainted on it, while the other bears his alter-ego’s name, Silent Bob. Also, one side of the Wii console features the View Askew Productions logo, lit up with red colored LEDs.

If you’re planning to plunk in some dough to get this superb mod, you may just have to forget it. This mod is meant to be a holiday gift for Kevin Smith, and there’s currently no news of this mod getting reproduced.

Via Morpheon Mods

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