Codemasters RF Online weekly update: English localization, staff impersonation, statistics

A logo for Codemasters Online - Image 1It’s standard operating procedure for companies in the MMORPG business to keep their customers informed about the latest goings-on. It seems that Codemasters is doing that for players of Rising Force Online with weekly updates. Find out what’s going on in the RF scene after the jump.

Box art for Rising Force Online from Codemasters - Image 1Codemasters has been busy this past week. Aside from the English localization for the Rising Force Online update, the company has been on the lookout for people attempting to impersonate its staff. Codemasters has also prepared population statistics for the various worlds in RF Online.

Codemasters mentioned that the localization process for the RF Online update appears to be running smoothly at this point. Besides the fact that the company is waiting for new assets from CCR, there is little additional information to share with customers at this time.

Codemasters also recently posted an announcement regarding individuals posing as its support team staff in order to try and gain access to player accounts. The company reiterated the fact that genuine Codemasters staff will never ask players for login details. If any suspicious people should attempt do so, they should be reported immediately at this site:

Finally, Codemasters released the current population statistics for the various Rising Force Online servers. They are as follows:


  • Bellato: 40%
  • Cora: 26%
  • Accretia: 33%


  • Bellato: 34%
  • Cora: 24%
  • Accretia: 42%


  • Bellato: 35%
  • Cora: 30%
  • Accretia: 35%

Overall Server Population Spread

  • Lumen: 24%
  • Novus: 44%
  • Solus: 32%

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