Comerica Bank, Flagship Studios finalize finance transaction

A logo for Flagship Studios - Image 1Alternative options usually translate into greater freedom and more options. Perhaps that’s why Flagship Studios and Comerica Bank have recently finalized an innovative finance transaction. This aims to provide Flagship Studios with enough financial muscle to work on games like Hellgate: London.

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The logo for Comerica Bank - Image 1  

If you’re going to work at improving a game like Hellgate: London, you need to make sure you’ve got the monetary muscle to pull it off. While it’s the publishers who normally help finance stuff like that, Flagship Studios has sought assistance from Comerica Bank, instead.

The two companies have recently finalized the details of an innovative independent video game finance transaction. Basically, Comerica Bank has created a multi-million dollar facility backed by the sale and distribution rights to Flagship Studios game franchise, Hellgate: London. The bank reportedly used an independent film financing model as the basis for the transaction.

This new system will allow Flagship Studios to finance ongoing content and development on its games without a publisher’s investment. Flagship Studios has noted that alternative financing methods such as this one will become particularly important in the future, especially as the PC game business shifts from the boxed retail model to the online model.

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