Control two ships at once: Dual Strike V0.3

Dual Strike Gouldfish - Image 1Those who like controlling two characters at the same time can chew on this interesting homebrew game for the Nintendo DS, Dual Strike. Gouldfish‘s masterpiece lets players control two ships at the same time, mimicking games of the same kind as The World Ends With You. Details in the full article.

Download: Dual Strike v0.3

Dual Strike GouldFish - Image 1The dual-character gameplay mechanic in Square Enix‘s The World Ends With You is nothing short of impressive, and if you like to get more titles with similar gameplay, there’s GouldFish‘s Dual Strike.

A homebrewed shooter for the Nintendo DS, Dual Strike utilizes both DS screens, one for each of the two ships that you’ll be piloting in the game.

Here’s the gameplay mechanics, provided by the homebrew developer:

  • The player controls 2 ships at the same time, one on each screen.
  • Each ship also has there own colour, 1 blue 1 red.
  • Each ship also fires bullets based on their colour.
  • There are 3 colours of asteroids; blue, red and gray.
  • The play must shoot the right asteroids with the right colours, this is done by allowing the ships to change screen.
  • The ships are moved at the same time, but shooting it done by a per ship basis.
  • When a ship gets hit it will get knocked out of the game area, the ship will return after a short while. 
  • The game is lost when both ships are lost at the same time.

Other details such as the game’s controls are included in the accompanying readme. There are no installation instructions included, however, so if you think you’re stumped on getting the game running you can always drop by the Via link and contact the developer. Enjoy!

Download: Dual Strike v0.3

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