Control your robot six ways: the PekeePilot

Nintendo DS - Image 1Controlling robots via remote control isn’t a new thing, but it certainly is a great feat to do a homebrewed robot remote control application for the Nintendo DS. And what makes this program, the PekeePilot, even more remarkable is that there is just not one, but six ways of controlling the Pekee robot (including motion sensor!). Check more info and watch the demo video in the full article!

Yes, we love the DS, and the fact that we can do so many things with it makes the handheld even more popular and appealing. But here’s a homebrew application that should convince the non-DS fans that there’s a reason why the handheld is so very popular. Check out the PekeePilot, a homebrew application that lets the DS control a Pekee robot using six different modes:

  • directional pad
  • touchscreen buttons
  • motion-based movements
  • stylus strokes
  • target mode (modeled after Super Mario 64 DS)
  • voice controls via DS microphone

We’d go on and on about how brilliant the software is, but you’d better go and see it for yourselves in the video embed below. You know what to do: just go ahead and click on the play button in the video. Enjoy!


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