Court junks shareholder request to stop Activision Vivendi merger

Activision Blizzard - Image 1Some shareholders were apparently not too pleased when Activision and Vivendi made known their plans to form a merger, and filed an injunction suit in an attempt to stop the development in its tracks. All was for naught, however, when the court denied the request to intervene in the planned merger. More details in the full article.

World of Warcraft Bard Guitar Hero - Image 1Remember last year’s big news about Activision and Vivendi forming a merger? While the proposal sounds a financially enticing at US$ 27.50 per share offer, there are some shareholders who certainly aren’t buying into the whole deal and even filed an injunction request in an attempt to halt the merger.

The injunction suit was filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery last February by the Wayne County Employee’s Retirement System. For those who aren’t too familiar with law parlance (we don’t blame you), an injunction is a court order that…yes, blocks a party from doing certain acts. In this case, from Activision merging with Vivendi.

However, Activision has recently issued a statement that the Delaware Court junked the request to stop the merger with Vivendi from happening, and has scheduled a stockholders meeting on July 8, where they will “consider and vote on proposals to approve the transaction.” If everything goes as planned in the meeting, Activision and Vivendi will be known collectively as Activision Blizzard effective July 9.

So will we see any game tie-ins between Activision and Blizzard any time soon? How about making the World of Warcraft‘s Bard class come true?

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