CoverFlow 3.0 for PSP – added features and bug fixes

Sony PSP - Image 1If you don’t like something, do something about. And this is exactly what Alienware did with CoverFlow. Not liking what he saw in version 2.5, he then set out to create his own upgrade. And it’s now available for all of you to check out. To do so, just follow the jump.

Download: CoverFlow 3.0
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CoverFlow v3.0 - Image 1It’s pretty common in any gaming website to have dissatisfied homebrew fans. But unlike others, Alienware does something about it. Explaining that he didn’t like the previous version of CoverFlow, version 2.5, he then set out to upgrade it on his own.

For his contribution to this wonderful app, he created an intro and loading screen, and also rearranged the covers layout to make it match more the real Coverflow, as found in the iPhone. And he seems pretty pleased with what he’s done, describing it as “more realistic, it feels FLOW, Coverflow.”

Here’s a list of other stuff he’s added in:

  • seven covers on screen, instead of three
  • new play, pause, stop buttons
  • volume and screen buttons (for novelty)
  • new icon and background pic in the EBOOT

He has, however, also retained existing features such as the one that saves the cover art images loaded from ID3 Tags to the covers folder for faster loading. To further explain, “So it needs a very long time (2s for one mp3) to load at the first time, but then it is very fast (1/2 s for one mp3).” Oh, and of course, there’s the obligatory bug clean-up.

And as a parting tip:

…instead of having entire mp3 albums,just put your favorite tracks per album,it works better (why put entire album when you will be listening to only 1 to 4 song per artist/album).Use CoverFlow 3.0 for your favorite songs only,and put the mp3’s in the MUSIC folder.

He’s only tested this on Slim, though, so there’s no saying if this will work as smoothly in Fat. Feel free to try it out yourself. And remember to take caution, as well as have fun.

Download: CoverFlow 3.0
Discuss: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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