Crash! Car v4.0 – added vehicle and route selection, more bug fixes

Homebrew developer grafele's Crash! Car homebrew game for PSP - Image 1If old-school racing titles are your thing, you may find grafele‘s Crash! Car homebrew game for the PSP to be just the fix that you need for that racing itch. The developer has finally released the latest build with Crash! Car v4.0 featuring a vehicle and route selection screen, as well as the complimentary set of bug fixes found in every version of the game.

Download: Crash! Car v4.0

Screenshot of grafele's Crash! Car homebrew game for PSP - Image 1

Developer grafele was happy to announce that the latest version of Crash! Car for the PSP has now been released with the newest build jumping itself up a notch with version 4.0. Notable changes in Crash! Car v4.0 include the new vehicle and route selection options, as well as some of the complimentary bug fixes found in each of the previous versions.

The game’s top down view definitely gives the feel of old-school titles such as Road Fighter. Crash! Car pretty much has the same atmosphere with its fast paced racing action, coupled with the simple yet animated graphics.

Anyway, here’s the latest list of changes to Crash! Cars since the previous version of the game:

  • High score added
  • Vehicle selection added
  • Route selection added
  • More bugs fixed!

In any case, you can also take a look at the game’s Readme.txt for more information. Those of you interested in trying out this homebrew racing game can access QJ.NET’s download section by clicking on the link below.

Download: Crash! Car v4.0

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