Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII fantasy montage video

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Image 1Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the PSP prequel to the very first 3D RPG from Square Enix, is already out in store shelves. If you still haven’t snapped up your copy, then here’s something to get you scrambling for your wallet: a video montage of some of the most epic moments in the game. Sephiroth in combat never looked this bad-ass. The video in the full article.

If you haven’t yet snapped up your own copy of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the Sony PlayStation Portable, then here’s something to push you over the edge: a trailer featuring some of the juiciest moments of the game. Sephiroth, Angeal, Zack, Cloud, Genesis, and Aeris (I refuse to call her Aerith) – the gang’s all here, and they’re all in their next-gen selves. It’s a game you simply cannot miss, and looking at this video, one you should definitely experience.

For those of us still out of the loop, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is Square Enix‘s UMD-sized love letter to fans of the original game. It tells of the story of Zack Fair, a member of the elite military unit called SOLDIER, and how his tale preludes one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made. And in true prequel style, Square Enix has lovingly given Crisis Core all the next-gen trimmings, making sure it stood up to the standard of today’s portable games and exceeded them.

One of the things we particularly love about this video? When Zack gets to fight Bahamut Fury. Yes, he fights a summon. Toe-to-gigantic-armored-clawed-talon. And it is glorious.

Enjoy the video!

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