Criterion: 1080i support for Burnout Paradise PS3 real

Burnout Paradise - Image 1Since this is the time for many April Fools’ Day jokes, pranks, and what-have-yous, Burnout Paradise fans were justifiably wary of Criterion Games‘ announcement that it will be adding 1080i support to the game’s PS3 version. The studio has just recently reiterated that they’re serious, though. Read all about it in the full article.

Burnout Paradise - Image 1

A lot of gamers were a bit wary when Criterion Games announced 1080i support for the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise yesterday. It is April Fools’ after all. Criterion, however, doesn’t seem to be joking.

In today’s post on the studio’s official blog, the Criterion team reiterated that when it comes to Burnout Paradise in high-def, they never joke around. They even posted a quick explanation of how they came to be able to support 1080i for the game’s PS3 version.

According to Criterion, they’re using some of the memory freed up by Sony‘s latest SDK to scale the 720p game up to 960×1080. The PS3’s hardware scaler is then used to upscale the image horizontally and output at 1920×1080.

1080i support will reportedly be included in version 1.3, otherwise known as the Cagney update. While this is a good thing for gamers who have 1080i TVs that don’t support 720p, Criterion still recommends that gamers run Burnout Paradise at 720p if they have that option.

Via Criterion Games

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