Crysis Warhead details: new weapons, better AI, DX 10 not required, more

Crysis Warhead - Image 1New vehicles, new guns, a new multiplayer mode, a new main character… What else does Crysis Warhead have going for it? The current issue of PC Gamer has revealed a lot of details about the upcoming Crytek title, and you can check them out over in the full article.

Crysis Warhead - Image 1

Heads up, Crysis fans. This month’s PC Gamer issue has revealed the first official details for Crysis Warhead, the next Crysis installment for the PC.

As we reported before, Crysis Warhead will be all about Sergeant Michael “Psycho” Sykes and will focus on what happened on the other side of the Lingshan Islands. The game starts when Nomad and Psycho part ways and will continue to follow Psycho until he and Nomad reunite.

Apart from being set on the other side of the island, Crysis Warhead will be less linear than Crysis. Gamers will be given a more sandbox-oriented type of gameplay. The game’s single player campaign mode has so far been clocked at lasting around 8 to 10 hours.

Psycho will be sporting the same nanosuit as Nomad. His suit will also have the same functions, but PC Gamer hinted that more functions will be revealed later. At least two new weapons have been confirmed: a grenade launcher and double SMGs. These babies will definitely come in handy since the enemy AI has also been given an upgrade.

New vehicles include a hovercraft and the Jeep-sized Armored Scout Recon. Both will also be drivable in the game’s multiplayer mode. Speaking of multiplayer, Crysis Warhead will reportedly feature a new team-based multiplayer mode.

On the hardware side of things, Crysis Warhead has been optimized to run faster than the original Crysis on the same hardware. DirectX 10 will not be required to run the game with maximum details and full effects.

The fate of the Crysis series will also reportedly rely heavily on how well Crysis Warhead does. If you’re looking forward to playing more Crysis titles, then consider checking this game out. Crysis Warhead is currently slated to hit stores this Fall.

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