Custom PSP firmware 3.95 GEN project update

Custom PSP firmware 3.95 GEN project update - Image 1Thanks to tip from MaGiXieN, we’re letting you guys know that  the developers of the PSP’s custom firmware 3.95 GEN have announced updates regarding the project’s progress. First off, the CFW’s Slim port is going well enough that it’ll carry popsloader support, contrary to their previous predictions. Complications did arise with the firmware’s build for the PSP Fat – you can read more on this over in the full article.

Custom PSP firmware 3.95 GEN project update - Image 1Remember the Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN that was announced to be in development not too long ago? Its coders have just announced a couple of updates regarding its progress, which includes both good and bad news.

The good news: CFW 3.95 GEN’s PSP Slim version is approximately 99 percent complete, and has successfully launched homebrews like VSHMenu, IR Shell, and PSP Filer 5.1. IR Shell in particular was slightly bugged, since it was hard-coded to firmware 3.80. The dev team further announced that CFW 3.95 GEN will carry support for popsloader, despite their earlier predictions.

As for the bad news, which will cover the firmware’s release for the PSP Fat. The developers have announced that if users attempt run the CFW on the Fat while running a UMD or ISO, all its other functions won’t work. As a result, plugins and apps such as VSHMenu and popsloader will freeze up.

The team suspects that this problem is due to a memory shortage in the PSP Fat, and that their search for a solution is proving to be difficult.CFW 3.95’s Fat version should be fixed prior to launch, but if they can’t find a proper solution, it appears they’ll still be pushing for a release. That’s the latest update regarding this custom firmware‘s development. Keep on the lookout in case we hear any more word from the developers.

We thank MaGiXieN for this heads-up!

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