CXMB Themes Changer v0.1 – PSP CXMB theme manager

A cropped screenshot of the CXMB Themes Changer by j3r3mie - Image 1Sometimes, you just get that urge to change the CXMB theme of your Sony PSP. Fortunately, there are theme changer applications out there to help you do just that. One such program is j3r3mie‘s and Wallaby’s CXMB Themes Changer v0.1.

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Download: CXMB Themes Changer v0.1
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

j3r3mie presents the CXMB Themes Changer - Image 1 

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then it may help to change the CXMB theme of one’s Sony PSP once in a while. For this very purpose, PSP homebrew developers j3r3mie and Wallaby have come up with the CXMB Themes Changer v0.1 – a theme changer for your Sony PSP.

According to j3r3mie, the process involved in installing CXMB Themes Changer v0.1 consists of several steps:

  1. Make sure you have a PSP in CFW and the CXMB Plugins.
  2. Delete the VSH folder and the FONT folder in the CXMB folder.
  3. Download and extract CXMB Themes Changer 0.1 to the root of your MS.
  4. Put your file [default.ctf] in the folder [ms0:/PSP/GAME/CXMB Themes Changer/Themes/XX/] of your MS (where XX means the number of your theme). j3r3mie notes that you can put a [0.png] in the same folder, too.
  5. Open the file [MENU.LUA] win [ms0:/PSP/GAME/CXMB Themes Changer/] with the note pad.
  6. Change the word Theme XX between the XX and put the name of your theme.
  7. Launch CXMB Themes Changer from [Game] > [Memory Stick*]
  8. Choose the theme you want to install and push the “X” button.
  9. Push the “X” button to install, the square button to use Flash 0 theme and the start button to go to the menu.
  10. In the menu, push the start and select buttons to go to XMB and look at your theme.

Before you try the software out, a caveat: please exercise caution when downloading and installing the application. Also note that the readme file is in French, so you may need a translation program to help you make sense of it. Alternatively, you may click on the forum link below for a more detailed explanation in English, with pictures.

Download: CXMB Themes Changer v0.1
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

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