Cyberpyrot’s Voice Recognition Controller Mod

Mod - Image 1The console modding scene is definitely a thing to behold, and in this update direct from Acidmods, we get news of a particular mod that should make gaming more accessible. Introducing Cyberpyrot‘s Voice Recognition Controller Mod – a mod that will make your controllers recognize spoken commands and automatically perform that command on its own. Jump? Reload? Frag? Awesome.

Check out full details (and a video demonstration) at the full article.

There’s something to be said about the console modding community – and in this update, we can’t help but give the community its dues. Where else will you find a group of dedicated, talented people spending their own resources and free time to make console gaming more accessible? Nowhere else, and in this update, we see this drive in full force, with Cyberpyrot‘s Voice Recognition Controller Mod.

Yes, that’s right – a mod that analyzes spoken commands and performs the specific button function to perform that command. Say reload, and that’s just what it’ll do.

The kit itself is readily available, and as Cyberpyrot says so himself, is quite easy to put together. Expect to do lots of soldering, but as with all mods, a little time with the soldering iron is always mandatory. After that, voice-sensing controls will no longer be a pipe dream – as proven by this video of the mod in action that you can see below. If you’re interested, check out the via link for the release thread itself.

Thanks to l0rdnic0 for the tip!

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