Czech OXM scans reveal World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

Czech OXM scans reveal World in Conflict: Soviet Assault - Image 1Though the original source of this news tidbit has disappeared at press time, an article posted up at the Czech portal of Tiscali’s gaming news had a scan of the latest issue of the nation’s Official Xbox Magazine. And it sported a cover story revolving around Sierra’s expansion pack to Massive Entertainment‘s World in Conflict (PC, Xbox 360) – World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. Plenty of new features were revealed, but they’re currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the alternate-history RTS.

Czech OXM scans reveal World in Conflict: Soviet Assault - Image 1

The latest issue of the Czech Republic’s Official Xbox Magazine heralded the next title in World in Conflict (PC, Xbox 360) series, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault – originally an expansion to be launched by October 2008 on PCs worldwide. OXM has focused on the Xbox 360 and the  PlayStation 3 versions – both of which will serve as standalone expansions to the World in Conflict universe.

Massive Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment previously revealed that the alternate-history, post-Cold War real-time strategy video game would be released by fall of 2008, which is approximately the same time as the PC expansion. And true to their word, the WiC title they’re about to introduce won’t carry the content of the predecessor. Instead, it will carry new campaigns depicting the U.S.’ struggles, and for the first time, even the Soviet Union’s persistent invasions.

The successor to the Ground Control RTS mechanics will also sport friendlier interactivity for consoles players by making camera movement and battlefield panning easier to analog stick controls. The game is also slated to come with voice command support (a la EndWar) for calling reinforcements and weapon strikes, though that feature is currently being weighed.

In other notes, Soviet Assault will feature some new, exotic units such as what is called a “chronoplane” and will have support for 10-player, non-cross-platform multiplayer. The console versions, currently under development at Swordfish Studios, will sport all the multiplayer content provided on the PC, plus a few more official ones straight from Massive Entertainment. More updates on World in Conflict: Soviet Assault as we happen upon them.

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