Dante’s Inferno details seen on developer’s resume?

Dante's Inferno - Image 1More fire for Dante’s Inferno. If you’ve been wondering what kind of game that the 14th century poem is going to be, we now have an idea. The informer? The developer’s updated resume.

Inferno - Image 1After winning the rights to make a Dante’s Inferno game, Electronic Arts is now hard at work at its currently unannounced title. Gamecyte did a little digging and may have found details about the work in progress. The informant, strangely enough, is its developer’s own updated resume.

Jonathan Knight, the game’s creator, recently updated his resume to cover some details on EA’s “unannounced franchise.” Knight’s resume contains details that just might indicate what kind of game Inferno would be.

According to the resume, Knight is currently the creator and executive producer of an original action/adventure trilogy currently in production. Recalling that Inferno also comes in a trilogy with Purgatorio and Paradiso, we may have a match.

Knight is also preparing the IP for a comic series, graphic novel, animated feature and feature film – as to how Inferno will fit into that, it’s hard to say. When Gamecyte tried to reach Knight for comment on the info, the resume was taken out of his personal website.

Considering that Dante’s Inferno is a journey around hell, it’s plausible that an action/adventure game can be made out of it. As far as Dante Alleghieri brandishing a hell-smiting sword, no details on that. And if this is indeed a trilogy, will we also be seeing a Purgatorio and Paradiso game?

Dante’s Inferno is allegedly set to hit the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC, assuming that the details on the resume are final. It’s also said that the planned announcement of the game would be on January 2009, so we’ll be getting more info then hopefully.

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