Dark Age of Camelot brings more hotfixes for the Pendragon server

Dark Age of Camelot fixes for the Pendragon Server - Image 1If you’re a big, bad, scary monster, it would probably suck if your name was actually Larry (no offense to all those named Larry out there).  There’s one monster in Dark Age of Camelot who’s going through that problem right now, but luckily, there’s a fix over on the Pendragon server that addresses that problem, among other things. Learn more after the jump!

Dark Age of Camelot hotfixes for the Pendragon server - Image 1

The folks at EA Mythic recently posted a list of new hotfixes specific to the Pendragon server of Dark Age of Camelot, and boy, are they a doozy. Among the problems listed was the renaming of one Trejure’s brothers to Larry, an incorrect item bonus listing for the Lament of Dartmoor Harp, and a lack of credit upon completing the Bad Moon Rising Quest.

Here’s the full list of hotfixes for the Pendragon server:


  • The Lament of Dartmoor harp will now display the correct item bonus.



  •  The boats in the tutorial zones will now drop players properly upon the dock.
  •  Driftwood art has been updated in all tutorial areas.


  • Due to some confusion, one of TrejureÂ’s brothers has been renamed to Larry.
  • The Rat Matriarch mob has been reduced in difficulty.
  • Blackfang and his wolves have been reduced in difficulty.
  • The crabs that live outside of New Avalon and Ulvastad have been reduced in number.
  • The beetles that live outside of Ryley have been reduced in number.

Quests – General

  • Waste Not, Want Now – This quest will now display the correct waypoints in all three realms.
  • The crystals that players can collect for a reward turn in have been moved into the bay near Ryley, Ulvastad, and New Avalon. In addition, players can now begin the quest to collect the crystals at a lower level.
  • Players can now begin the Berry collection quest in each realm at a lower level.

Quests – Albion

  • Bad Moon Rising – Players will now properly receive credit when completing the goals for this quest. In addition, the objectives have also been made more clear.
  • Leadership Laid Low – This quest is now offered by George the Foreman instead of Sir Remson.
  • Deception Revealed – This quest is now offered by George the Foreman instead of Sir Remson.
  • Greetings Cabalist – The quest text now correctly refers to Magus Krynam instead of Lord Krynam as the Cabalist Trainer.

Players on the Pendragon server will probably find these fixes quite welcome. We’d also like to extend our best wishes to the poor monster named Larry. We hope he gets his rightful, menacing name back soon enough.

Via Camelot Herald

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