Dark AleX’s CFW PSP 3.80 M33 delayed due to tech problems *UPDATE 2*

PSP CFW M33 3.80 Network Update - Image 1A minor hiccup, guys. Dark AleX‘s latest custom firmware was supposed to hit today, however, we’ve been getting reports that it could be delayed.

Mathieulh and Ketchup shed light as to why Team M33 won’t be releasing CFW PSP 3.80 M33 just yet. Read more to hear the full story.

Update 2: bug found, DAX calls it a night, released soon, MAYBE.

* Article originally posted Jan 11, 2008 at 12:17PM

Dark_AleX website is down - Image 1

We’ve been getting reports that, despite the announcement yesterday from Mathieulh, Dark AleX and the rest of Team M33 will not be able to release CFW PSP 3.80 M33 on time. Everyone’s been on their toes for the projected release today, but as it turns out, we might have to wait just a little bit longer.

In a recent post by Ketchup in PSP-Gen, we learn of the explanation given by Mathieulh:

According to our information, some technical problems remain and as us mathieulh points out it so well, the [motto] of the TEAM M33 is “quality above all”.

In light, Dark_AleX still seems to have some small adjustments to make and it prefers to take its time before putting on line its Custom Firmware 3.80 M33.

Though it is, it is the wisest decision because nothing presses.

Knowing the talent of Dark_AleX, this delay could be of a few days, or only of a few hours. For the moment, no one does not know it.

More adjustments? As if sneaking in that last minute CFW Network Update feature wasn’t cool enough, is DAX cooking up something else for us? Maybe “some small adjustments” here simply mean bug fixes – they did after all had a bit of trouble with the NID translations.

We’ve been checking out Dark AleX’s official site though, and we’ve been noticing that it’s been going on and off today. Their site’s been under maintenance for about an hour now (screencapped above). At first we assumed that maybe it’s in preparation for the eventual release – maybe this is part of the “technical problems” that Math stated.

For what it’s worth, they could be priming their site to take the brunt of all those downloads and traffic once they release CFW 3.80.

Let’s all hope now for a smooth release for DAX’s CFW 3.80 M33. Just wait patiently guys. As Ketchup posts, who knows? It could be in just a few hours or minutes that the CFW hits us in all its glory.

Thanks to homj, brad, Fadil, and JaXeRiR for the emails!

* Article originally posted Jan 11, 2008 at 12:17PM

*Update* Just a minor update for all of you guys keeping tabs on CFW PSP 3.80 M33. Dark AleX’s website is now back in business looking a tad bit different than before. Unfortunately, as you can see, the CFW 3.80 is still no where in site, err, sight.

Stay patient… We’re still not sure as to how stable the site is now, or if the site going back online might mean a very, very imminent release. Stay tuned!

Dark_AleX update - Image 1

* Update 1 posted Jan 11, 2008 at 02:29PM

*Update 2* Alright, we know we’re a tad late for this, and we’re sure some of you have already caught whiff of it already, but we’re posting this for posterity’s sake – to document what exactly is happening and to keep the others updated.

As commented by johnnyp_777 and FreePlay, we get some updates from Team M33 over IRC. Turns out they called it a night, and we can MAYBE expect the release tomorrow:

We finally spotted the issue but don’t expect a release too soon, it will be released done and fixed. Thanks for your undestanding

please people stop releasing fake M33 binaries or I add the word “M33” to the spam filter, thank you for your understanding.

good news we found precisely where the issue is and are currently fixing it, then it will be “testing time”

Again a global will be issued here and at malloc.us whenever the 3.80M33 becomes available, there is no need for refreshing the dark-alex.org page

Ok it wont be tonight folks, we need some decent sleep in here, tomorrow MAYBE.

Congratulations to the team for finally pin-pointing the bugs! Hope things go smoothly from here on out! Remember, no rush needed… Hope you guys also got some much-needed rest!

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