Dark Sector devs on the evolution of the glaive weapon

Hayden Tenno, main protagonist of Digital Extremes' Dark Sector - Image 1If you still can’t get enough of Hayden Tenno’s mutated right arm as well as the cool weapon that goes with it, then the developers from Digital ExtremesDark Sector have a little bit more to tell you about the story behind the glaive he carries.

You can check out the video interview with the lead developers behind the game right after the jump!

Previously, we’ve told the story of Hayden Tenno’s mutated right arm and his ability to spawn a three-bladed weapon from it. However, if you’re still curious about it, you can get the full skinny from the developers themselves as they talk about the evolution of the Glaive weapon from Digital ExtremesDark Sector.

Steve Sinclair, Project Lead of Dark Sector, mentions that the intended sci-fi origins of the game prompted them to create a weapon which was supposed to center on playing with fun physics concepts such as gravity.

However, instead of something like a gravity gun, they found that it was much cooler to use a more physical weapon that can get right into the heat of things when the bad guys started playing rough. Enter the glaive: a weapon both intuitive and very flexible when it came to dishing massive amounts of pain.

Lead Programmer Glen Miner also explained the game physics involved in creating such a fun weapon of mass destruction. Since the glaive is a highly sensitive weapon owing to the characters mutation, the SIXAXIS controls of the PS3 gave it just the right spin to create such an immersive gaming experience.

Don’t take our word for it, though. You can watch the video below and see for yourselves. Dark Sector is slated to be released this February 26 for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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