Dark Sector devs talk upgrades

Dark Sector thumbnail - Image 1In D3Publisher and Digital ExtremesDark Sector (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3), decapitating enemies with a flying glaive isn’t the only juicy part. Firearms also offer deadly fun, because upgrades are there to keep your weapons customizable and fresh if you know how to mix and match. Learn more about this at the full article.

Dark Sector upgrades - Image 1Still haven’t grabbed a copy of D3Publisher and Digital Extremes‘ viscerally pleasing Dark Sector (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3)? If you want to learn more before considering a purchase, developers of the bloody third-person action game have a blog post that may pique your interest.

Given the variety Dark Sector offers with its arsenal not limited to just a decent selection of firearms, upgrades were added to give combat a touch of your personal play style. Instead of just choosing whether you prefer flying glaives over guns, power ups are available to spice things up.

Players are given three slots for single-handed weapons and four for two-handed weapons in which they can load upgrades. With that, shotguns can be more accurate and assault rifles are able to deal more damage.

Dark Sector devs and quality assurance folks suggested “recipes” or upgrade combinations, and we love “KORBOV TK6” the most since it sounds particularly painful.

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