David Jaffe confirms Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3

Twisted Metal is heading to the PS3 - Image 1Twisted Metal fans are in for a treat today, as we have new info regarding the Twisted Metal series.

David Jaffe recently confirmed the contents of a hidden message found in Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition, and that message was the future release of a Twisted Metal game for the PS3. More on this after the jump!

Twisted Metal is coming to the PS3 - Image 1 

We’ve heard rumors of Twisted Metal heading to the PlayStation 3 before, but how about a bit of truth? Well, we have it for you, and the truth is – Twisted Metal is indeed coming to the PS3, and David Jaffe has already confirmed this.

Twisted Metal fans over on Gamefaqs recently decoded a hidden code within the documentary that comes with Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition. As the above picture shows, the code supposedly said “METAL IS COMING TO PSTHREE.”

Kotaku recently got a hold of David Jaffe to confirm if the cracked code was really true, and he replied to the affirmative. Unfortunately, however, Jaffe replied with a “No comment” when asked about whether the game would come out as a full retail game or via online.

Regardless of how it comes out to the public though, the arrival of Twisted Metal to the PS3 is certainly a welcome sight. We hope to hear more about it in the future, but for now, be happy with the news that it’s been confirmed.

Via Kotaku

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