David Jaffe explains why Calling all Cars crashed and burned

Calling all Cars - Image 1According to Calling all Cars game designer David Jaffe, CaC failed to adapt to what gamers expected from a game primarily because it sought to recreate 1993’s Rock ‘n Roll Racing for the NES without appropriately modernizing itself to today’s standards. Check out the full article for his video on the subject.

I’ve long been of the opinion that nostalgia should be left in the rose-tinted memories of the past, where it belongs especially in the case of video games. The sad fact is that our wonderful memories of yesteryear’s games often don’t age well when presented with modern gameplay advancements and HD graphics (caveat: Megaman 9).

This sentiment was unfortunately lost on Calling all Cars game designer, David Jaffe who sought to recreate the magic he felt playing circa 1993’s Rock ‘n Roll Racing without appropriately modernizing his creation modernizing itself to today’s standards.

He explained that this was indeed a bit of a mistake on his part over the course of an eight minute YouTube video on the topic:

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