Dead Island to feature no multiplayer, Chrome Engine 4

Techland's Dead Island for Xbox 360 - Image 1 Dead Island hasn’t shown any life since news of its official site broke out. However, we’ve registered a pulse. In an IGN interview, developer Techland shared a few insights on their upcoming first-person survival horror game – among them, the lack of a multiplayer mode. More details after the jump.

Techland's Dead Island for Xbox 360 - Image 1Dead Island hasn’t generated a pulse since first details were released for the first-person survival horror Xbox 360 game. So far we know that we’re in for another zombiefest. What else is there? In a recent interview, the developer Techland‘s Pawel Kopinski fills us in with a few more info.

Kopinski confirms Dead Island won’t feature any multiplayer action. In the first place, Techland has more experience with the single-player mode thanks to the success of Call of Juarez. But the single-player has more to do with Dead Island‘s open-world environment and non-linear storyline.

You can use everything within the environment as a weapon thanks to Dead Island‘s open-world approach. Likewise, the non-linear storyline will let your every decision affect the outcome of your game in the same way as those Choose Your Own Adventure books of years ago. Kopinski says the single-player mode provides the best experience for the game’s design.

Techland will also debut their homegrown Chrome Engine 4. The technology’s bread-and-butter lies in its realistic renders of skin, tissue and bone injuries as well as huge hordes of zombies. Tandem that with Dead Island‘s focus on melee action and that’s a lot zombie bashing to go around.

Read more as Kopinski talks more about the success and lessons of Call of Juarez, the artificial intelligence of the Dead Island zombies or the lack thereof and the challenges of an open-world design over at the via link. Updates as we get them.


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