December 18th is PS3 and Blu-ray day on Amazon Gold Box

Amazon Gold Box - Image 1The Gold Box is opening again, and expect to see jaw-droppers on Amazon this coming Thursday, the 18th of December. Ready your credit cards ’cause this is a PS3 and Blu-ray day. Learn more in the full article.

PlayStation 3 - Image 1Christmas is just around the corner, and if you want to make yourself or a very lucky gamer happy this holiday season, then Amazon will be your Santa. Mark your calendars, the Gold Box will be opening this Thursday, the 18th of December. This will be an all PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray splurgefest.

Here’s how it’ll work: The first deal will be the “Gold Box Deal of the Day.” It’ll have a special discounted price, and will be available all day or until stocks last. Then starting 6:00 AM PST, a series of “Lightning Deals” will be offered only for a limited time during the day – either they run out or the next Lightning Deal is up.

Naturally, they won’t say what the deals would be. Just be sure to check on Thursday, you might miss out!

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