Deep Silver, Piranha Bytes reveal Risen

Risen - Image 1Remember when Piranha Bytes was reported to have been working on a new project that wasn’t Gothic IV? That was more than a year ago, and only recently has clues into their new project been sprouting up from nowhere. We only know that Piranha did unite with Deep Silver on a new, yet confidential game a few months before. Little did we know that it was actually a new RPG called Risen. Find out how much we learned at the full story.

Deep Silver plays it big: Risen - Image 1 

Though not much is known about Risen, the role-playing game under the skilled hands of RPG-buffs Piranha Bytes, but it is expected to be a big turnabout for the German developer responsible for plating the respected Gothic series to PC. But how far can Piranha go with a project now officially sponsored by a big time indie publisher?

If the scarce details of Risen are any indication of ambition, then we’ll be happy to leave you with the company’s official overview of the role-playing game’s plot:

The gameÂ’s protagonist is ship-wrecked after a storm and finds himself on a mysterious island. An active volcano dominates the scene. Ancient temple ruins recently have risen from the ground, and bizarre creatures infest the island.

But that’s not all we have found out. Currently, the game is in very early stages of development. Output of concept art and design have been minimal at best, but what we’re told is that Piranha Bytes is open to several mechanics of the game. The game will adopt what fans loved of the Gothic series of old, but re-introduce them at a whole new light – or at a different plot.

Hints of revisiting old elements of Ultima and challenging the mainstream’s current RPG “featurettes,” such as the introduction of pet companions and the inclusion of firearms, has been given, though official word on their incorporation sits idly at reconsideration for the moment.

More is expected to be revealed when developers head off to the Games Convention in Leipzig, soon to arrive in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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