Devs talk NBA Ballers: Chosen One – the fighting game with bling

NBA Ballers: Chosen One's Kobe Bryant - Image 1As previous trailers imply, Midway Games is pulling out all the stops with NBA Ballers: Chosen One (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3). In street basketball where bling matters more than shooting hoops, having an attitude as if you’re playing a fighting game is important to win. That’s what the developers say, and you’ll know why by heading over to the full article.

NBA Ballers: Chosen One screenshot - Image 1

If you thought previous NBA Ballers titles were insane enough to pack crazy tricks in the court and make showboating more important than scoring hoops, Midway Games‘ upcoming NBA Ballers: Chosen One (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) may be a leap beyond your expectations. Devs didn’t just work toward the most flashy arcade basketball  to date, they also opted for the fighting game genre instead of sticking with sports.

Make no mistakes – there’s still the scoreboard and players have to throw the ball into the hoop to gain points, but NBA Ballers: Chosen One ups the ante of its competition aspect by providing countless ways to stylishly leave opponents in the dust.

According to Midway’s crew, it’s all about bling. This means impressing the enemy with helicopter entrances, pulling off Act-a-Fool and Off-the-Hizzle perfectly by nailing timed button press sequences, and dressing up for the occasion with unlockable hats, tops, bottoms, kicks, and shiny bling.

To further enforce the fighting atmosphere, Achievements in NBA Ballers: Chosen One‘s Xbox 360 version were deliberately made easy to attain without serving them on a silver platter. Objectives such as “defeating” episodes go hand-in-hand with goals like reaching a double double. The reason behind this, according to Midway, is to lure non-sports fans with quick Gamerscore points before they begin to realize that the game is more of a fighter.

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