DICE sheds light on Mirror’s Edge motion sickness, absence of green

Mirror's Edge  - Image 1Mirror’s Edge could very well be an Halo 3Assassin’s Creed mash-up with its first-person parkour gameplay. However, this same innovation lends itself to concerns on motion sickness for gamers.

Read more on the explanation of Electronic ArtsDigital Illusions CE (DICE) studio about this head-spinning issue as well as the lack of greenery.

EA DICE's Mirror's Edge  - Image 1Mirror’s Edge (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC), the upcoming title from Electronic ArtsDigital Illusions CE (DICE), jumped on everyone’s attention span because of its unique first-person parkour gameplay when it was shown at a live demo last GDC.

Just imagine Assassin’s Creed‘s Altair running, jumping and tumbling from one rooftop to another, only you’ll be doing it with Master Chief’s perspective in Halo 3. Easy to be dizzy, isn’t it?

Beyond a hyperactive, hand-fighting heroine leaping from building to building, the GDC demo provided few details for the game. DICE’s senior producer Owen O’ Brien sheds light on Mirror’s Edge, specifically on issues about its nauseating first-person gameplay.

Mirror’s Edge has a wide field of view, explains O’ Brien to MTV, which can be compared to a spinning ballerina who avoids dizziness by focusing on something else. This wide view lessens the chances of motion sickness for gamers (although he admits it is likely to cause simulation sickness which is more or less the same).

The absence of the color green is also notable. Trees are rendered as white and everything else is either blue or red. O’Brien explains there is no anti-green sentiment.The devs originally planned to remove all colors except red to highlight objectives. However. the devs had to add blue to indicate the heroine’s health. Once the color saturates, game’s over.

The release date for Mirror’s Edge is yet to be announced. Updates as we get them.

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