Disaster: Day of Crisis Euro launch rumor debunked by Nintendo

Disaster: Day of Crisis - Image 1 Nintendo has debunked rumors that placed the European release of Monolith Soft‘s Disaster: Day of Crisis for the Wii on May 30. While the company said that the rumor is pure speculation, they also have yet to release any specific release dates for the game. More in the full article.

Disaster: Day of Crisis - Image 1

Rumors about Disaster: Day of Crisis‘ impeding Euro release – May 30 for GBP 39.99, according to a German retailer – may have fired up quite a few European Wii owners, but this piece of news may come as a bit of a blow.

It looks like the rumored May 30 European release date for Disaster: Day of Crisis is just that: a rumor. Moreover, the rumor was recently shot down by Nintendo, telling CVG that the game’s rumored release date is pure speculation.

Monolith Soft and Nintendo’s Disaster: Day of Crisis is a survival game where the objective is to live through various natural disasters. The game still has no specific release date, but keep checking back here for news.


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