Disney dates Discs of Tron on XBLA

Discs of Tron - Image 1If you grew up watching Tron, then you might want to know that Disney Interactive Studios has finally dated Discs of Tron for the Xbox Live Arcade. This updated version of the arcade classic looks pretty sweet and has the geeks here at QJ.NET going ecstatic. To find out the release date of this game as well as a few details on how the game plays, scoot on over to the full article.

Discs of Tron - Image 1 

Disney Interactive Studios has announced that they will be releasing Discs of Tron on the Xbox Live Arcade this February 13. This updated version of the arcade classic is sure to thrill fans of the movie.

For those too young to remember the original incarnation of Discs of Tron in the arcades,  this title has players face off in an arena as they attempt to knock off their opponent from a platform. The concept of the updated version remains the same but expect to encounter variations in the gameplay.

Discs of Tron on the Xbox 360 includes both classic and enhanced modes which get increasingly more difficult as players progress. The higher levels of the game includes multiple platforms at different altitudes as well as a barricade between the two combatants and chasers.

New and old school gamers might want to try this game when it comes out on February 13. If you’re not yet convinced, you might want to gear what Disney Interactive Studios‘ senior vice president of global marketing Craig Relyea had to say about the game:

Discs of Tron is considered an arcade classic as it mesmerized fans who wanted an entertaining and challenging experience derived from the innovative film. The gameÂ’s release on Xbox LIVE Arcade enables multiple generations to play the addictive game in both its original form from 25 years ago and an enhanced mode with upgraded graphics and sound.

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