DMC4 demo: XBL-exclusivity debunked, more details revealed

Capcom debunks XBL-exclusive DMC4 demo - Image 1Capcom has recently sent out word debunking recent rumors of the Devil May Cry 4 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) demo heading exclusively for the Xbox 360. Does this mean there’s a PSN port being readied as well? Head on over to the full article for details regarding this matter.

Capcom debunks XBL-exclusive DMC4 demo - Image 1 Capcom debunks XBL-exclusive DMC4 demo - Image 2 

Capcom has recently sent out word debunking recent rumors of the Devil May Cry 4 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) demo heading exclusively for the Xbox 360. The rumor itself had been noted in several sites such as GameFront and Jeux-France, and specified that Japan’s XBL would be picking the aforementioned teaser before the end of 2007.

In light of this speculation, Capcom’s spokesman over at their official forums announced that the said information (specifically Jeux-France’s entry) was incorrect. Here was the rep’s exact words:

Wait a little while longer and the demo strategy will be clear.

I’ll say this: The information printed above and in that article as written is incorrect.

The news you’re looking for is not far off… a little more patience please.

On a more positive note, the dudes over at NeoGAF managed to pick up some interesting details regarding this DMC4 demo. Quoting Dahbomb:

  • 90% chance the demo will be the exact same as the demo we have seen since January. A quick walkthrough of Fortuna with Tutorial for a span of 10 minutes. After you beat that area you get to go straight to the icy level and fight a group of Frosts. The final mission in the demo will be the fight with Berial. This type of pacing/level design is not at all a representative of the final game as the demo seems to be snippets of 3 missions worked into one package as a bare bones demonstration of Nero‘s capabilities.
  • These mini-missions are selectable from the start and you can choose whatever you want. Observe the first image to better understand what I mean to say.
  • Do not expect Dante playable and do not expect the new jungle areas with Blades and Echidna or the new Lucifer/Gilgamesh weapon. I am not saying for a fact that they will not be in the demo, I am just saying that chances are likely they will not be.
  • No story driven cutscenes will be shown in the demo aside from maybe the first cutscene of the game. Capcom is keeping the story underwraps very heavily. You will have cutscenes but they will mostly precede enemy encounters and do not at all reflect the main storyline of the game.
  • Nero will not have any abilities outside of Snatch, Buster, Exceed, his gun and sword combos.

The official DMC4 site is further reported to be readying more info regarding this much-awaited demo by this December 5. Until then, we advice the readers to keep alert.

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