DosBox PSP 06/25/0 patch

PSP - Image 1The DOSBox application is back after getting an update. This time, original author CrazyC has returned to do some serious bug squashing as he applies fixes to this nice program. Though a little blurry on the exact details, he did leave a note for everyone’s convenience. That and more in the full article.

Download: DOSBox PSP 06/25/0 patch

PSP black - Image 1After getting an update from borgqueenx, the DOSBox app is back, and this time it’s getting a patch from original author CrazyC. Though there was no changelog in a strict sense, he did say that bug fixes have been applied in this version.

Here’s the short text that the developer posted in his release:

I’ve fixed most of the bugs that I could find in the 3.x build of DOSBox (at least with the fat psp). Now you should be able to exit and set any about of memory in the conf file as long as it can be allocated with malloc. Also, with a pair of prx’s it has the same functionality as the 1.5 build. Neither prx is necessary to run the program.

The download link is right below. Just make sure you’ve got the installation process locked down from previous reads on this application. Enjoy the vintage OS experience!

Download: DOSBox PSP 06/25/0 patch

Via PS2Dev Forums

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