DOSBox v0.71 Build 02.01.2008

DOSBox v0.71 Build 02.01.2008 - Image 1Long-time users of the PSP-compatible DOS emulator DOSBox will be happy to know that a new build has just been released by its owner CrazyC. As always, several revisions were done to make the performance of the program better.

One example of such change is the attempt to auto calculate the cylinder, head, sector values. To know more, head on over to the full article via the “read more” link below.

DOSBox v0.71 Build 02.01.2008 - Image 1 

Homebrew developer CrazyC has updated yet again the application DOSBox, the DOS emulator compatible with the PlayStation Portable. As always, a lot have been done with the program to improve its overall performance.

Over at thePS2Dev forums, where the coder usually announces the release of new builds, CrazyC wrote:

I put up a new build which attempts to auto calculate the cylinder, head, sector values. The result should have a number of sectors just slightly less then the actual on the disk.

Hopefully, it will also be larger then the first partition, but if not it won’t be terrible as dosbox only uses CHS for int 13h operations which very few apps use. In short, don’t try to run fdisk from within dosbox. To do it run “imgmount msstor0: -t hdd -fs fat”

Take note that the build comes with several other files which other members of the homebrew community already put inside a zip folder to save you the hassle of looking for each one of them. Pertinent details regarding the files are as follows:

  • EBOOT.PBP the main binary
  • exception.prx if this prx is present, crash dumps will be displayed
  • fixup.prx if the prx if present, the ME region will be added to the code cache.
  • dosbox.patch.gz the patch

Download: DOSBox v0.71 Build 02.01.2008 (PSP Fat)
Download: DOSBox v0.71 Build 02.01.2008 (PSP Slim)

Via PS2Dev

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