Dragon Ball Z titles resuscitate Namco Bandai

Shenron - Image 1The economy’s hitting the toilet and publishers are feeling the heat, but Namco Bandai saw a glimmer of hope in an old friend: the Dragon Ball titles. Not only do those starry wishing balls revive the fallen Dragon Ball fighters over and over again, apparently, they can also breathe some life into the economy-stricken publisher.

Dragon Balls - Image 1 The economy’s really been in the toilet for games lately, but fortunately, Namco Bandai saw a glimmer hope in those glimmering orange balls. Goku and the gang came through and racked up most of the publisher’s second quarter profits.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (PS3, Xbox 360) held strong and sold 728,000 units in Japan, Europe, and the US. Budokai Tenkaichi also did well, selling 420,000 units in Europe. Other titles pitched in as well: Taiko Drum Master 2 sold 342,000 units in Japan, while Soul Calibur IV (PS3, Xbox 360) continues to make the charts in Japan with 189,000 units sold.

Bandai has been working with Dragon Ball titles for years, and it seems their old friend just won’t die and stop and kicking, just like Goku.

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