Drawing Box: v1b2

Drawing Box - Image 1A game where you just create boxes and watch them fall and pile up. What’s so exciting about that? You wouldn’t know unless you try out Drawing Box, a homebrewed “child’s game” for the Wii using exceptional Crayon physics. If you’re still reluctant to know what Drawing Box is about, then at least check out the video clip in the full article.

Download: Drawing Box v1b

Now here’s something very impressive from the wellspring of Wii homebrew gaming. Check out Drawing Box, a “child’s game” that sports a good demonstration of Crayon physics. Drawing Box basically lets Wii gamers create boxes of all shapes and sizes (presumably using the Wiimote), but the amazing thing about the “game” is how the boxes fall on top of each other.

So we now have a homebrew game that lets you create boxes and watch them pile up. What’s so exciting about that? Well, it’ll be best if you just watch the video below. Believe us, you’ll be impressed as we are right now.

But before that, some details concerning installation: just extract the files from the download below and copy/paste it to your SD card, or just run it with wiiload. The homebrew developer for Drawing Box, Bool, said that there’s no need to use a data folder

There is no readme file included with the download – make sure you know what you’re doing when trying to run Drawing Box. If you have any questions or comments about the homebrew application, you can drop by the Via link to contact the developer directly.

And now, for the awesome video (and the download link below it):

Download: Drawing Box v1b

Via Bool’s Blog

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