DS Homebrew – Caisse DS

Caisses DS - Image 1Here’s a new homebrew game for your DS, thanks to Kukulcan. It’s Caisses DS, a puzzle game that’s got you arranging warehouse boxes in neat rows. Cute, huh?

Download: Cassie DS

Caisses DS - Image 1Here is Kukulcan‘s DS homebrew game, Caisse DS. As you can see from the screenshots, it’s a puzzle game, with you playing the character of Sokoban, a warehouse guardian. The objective of the game is simple: just move the boxes by pushing them one at a time and arrange them in neat rows.

For this release, Kukulcan has corrected 40 levels. While this game is based on the original game written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, this version incorporates a “checkerboard of 16 columns 12 line or 192 possible cases. Each box is 16×16 pixels.” Sounds like fun (thanks, Google translate!).

Anyway, here are the controls and do enjoy the game.

  • Moving = Pad or Stylus
  • A = Annuler un déplacement (jusqu’à 100 déplacements gardé en mémoire)A = Cancel displacement (up to 100 trips stored)
  • B = Recommencer le niveauB = Repeat level
  • Y = Choisir un autre niveauY = Choose another level
  • L = Rasters (oui/non)L = Rasters (yes / no)
  • R = Musique (oui/non)R = Music (yes / no)
  • Start = Retour au menu principalStart = Return to the main menu

Download: Cassie DS

Via Kukulcan

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