DS Homebrew – DexterDS: pokedex for the DS

DexterDS - Image 1We’ve got a little something for all you Pokemon fans out there. DexterDS is a homebrewed pokedex for the DS by benjifs. To check out the details, head to the full article.

Download: DexterDS

DexterDS - Image 1Here’s a pokedex homebrew game for the DS “from a Pokemon fan perspective”. benjifs’ DexterDS is just in its Alpha version, so he’d really appreciate it if he gets feedback from you guys.

Here’s what it can do so far:

  • 15 pokemon
  • search function fully implemented

For the next release, you can expect to have the Kanto edition, where he promises to bring 150 Pokemons. That’s a whole lot, so keep it posted here for when he finally releases the next one.

Download: DexterDS

Via GBADev

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