DS Homebrew – Sprite Editor DS 0.3.3

Nintendo DS - Image 1Sprite Editor’s back with version 0.3.3 from French DS brew developer PypeBros. This one’s actually the first release that includes the palette, and there are a couple other changes so why don’t you go check it out after the jump.

Download: Sprite Editor DS 0.3.3

Sprite Editor DS - Image 1PypeBros released a new brew for the DS, Sprite Editor DS 0.3.3. This release also happens to be the first release including the palette.

Here’s the Google translation of the French DS brew notes:

Small release for me, milestone for humanity (finally, perhaps. The future will say it to us). I try to return SEDS plus “general public”. Exit the messages of debugging obscure (finally, I have always average to call upon them thanks to my meditations of guru, but you will not see them any more) and of the blow, the “console” is free to give to the user small councils “tutoriels” on the use of the software while supporting on L and R simultaneously (yes, Cyril, it also goes if you press on R and L, now .

In the passing, it will be also the first release with the editor of pallet. Obviously, that emp?e not to throw an eye with the mini-handbook of the previous modelÂ…

Oh, and for those which had already downloaded the 0.3.2, you can pass to the 0.3.3 simply while supporting on SELECT in the “small files” (thus START then SELECT with the starting of the program).

Download: Sprite Editor DS 0.3.3

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