DS Visual Novel Reader 1.2.4

DS Visual Novel Reader 1.2.4 - Image 1We’re sending out word that developer Jake has updated the DS Visual Novel Reader to version 1.2.4. This new build will address the speed issues that were prevalent in this homebrew’s previous builds. The changelog is available over in the full article.

Download: DS Visual Novel Reader v1.2.4

DS Visual Novel Reader v1.2.4Here’s something for the Nintendo DS owners just before they head out for some R&R this weekend. Coder Jake has just released version v1.2.4 of the Visual Novel Reader application, carrying with it some much-needed fixes and updates.

This particular release appears to have been built to work faster. For one, Jake has improved the app’s loading speed – good news for those who felt it was annoyingly slow.

Here’s the rest of the changelog:

  • display current time in save/load window
  • music no longer plays while loading
  • loading no longer takes forever
  • load/save timestamps put in .sav file instead of using FAT since it tended to be very inaccurate. backwards compatible

Everything you need to get started is available in the download link below. Given that there’s no readme, we advise users to visit Jake’s site (via the source link) if they’re wondering about how to install this in their DS units

Download: DS Visual Novel Reader v1.2.4

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