DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.5

DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.5 - Image 1Developer Jake has announced the release of version 1.3.5 of the DS Visual Novel Reader homebrew. Aside from bug fixes, one additional feature this new release carries is compatibility with the True Remembrance visual novel that was translated into English early this year. More details are available in the full article.

Download: DS Visual Novel Reader 1.3.5

DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.5 - Image 1Fancy getting more visual novel-esque titles over to your DS (aside from Capcom‘s Phoenix Wright series)? Developer Jake has recently announced the release of DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.5.

Aside from bug fixes, this new build will will now enable you to play Shiba Satomi’s True Remembrance visual novel. The game was initially released to the Windows platform in Japan back in 2006, and was eventually released in English during February of this year. As for the rest of the homebrew’s most recent changes:

  • Version 1.3.5
  • fixed 3 small bugs in loading saves
  • made `endscript` actually do something (returns to titlescreen)
  • Version 1.3.4
  • fixed a bug in loading saves/skipping text.
  • something happened to make True Remembrance work (diff doesnt explain much)

As always, we remind the users to check the file bundle’s readme for details such as installation and controls. Enjoy the download, and keep on the lookout in case the developer announces a new release in the near future.

Download: DS Visual Novel Reader 1.3.5

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