Duck Hunt v1.8: Round counting added

Duck Hunt v1.8: Round counting added - Image 1Knight0fDragon has released version 1.8 of the Duck Hunt homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii. Among other updates, this new build will reduce your ammo load to 3, and will introduce rounds. The rest of the changelog is available in the full article.

Download: Duck Hunt v1.8

Duck Hunt v1.8: Round counting added - Image 1No, you still can’t shoot that blasted mutt. That aside, Knight0fDragon’s version 1.8 build for the Duck Hunt Wii homebrew game does several new improvements, including the randomization of where the ducks will now appear. As for the rest  this new release’s changelog:

  • Features added
    • Round counting
    • Ducks start at a random location underneath grass with fixed size
    • Only 3 bullets per round
    • Perfect screen is working
  • Planned Features
    • K0D special
    • source code

As a recap, this game is actually a clone of the Duck Hunt game originally launched to the NES console. Knight0fDragon’s updates for this project’s version 1.9 include the addition of sound,  source code improvements to help polish up the controls, and the addition of actual levels.

In other words your aim will improve, but now you can hear the dog laugh when you do miss. Enjoy the download, and keep on the lookout for any further updates.

Download: Duck Hunt v1.8

Via WiiBrew

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