Dunaway: no new Wii colors or slimmer DS from Nintendo, for now

Nintendo logo - Image 1Hoping for a newly-colored Wii, or a slimmer DS handheld? Don’t hold your breath, since your hopes would probably take a long time to get fulfilled. Check out the statements made by Nintendo of America‘s Executive Vice President for sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway and see why you won’t get that lime-green Wii…at least, not anytime soon.

Nintendo Wii multicolored - Image 1Those who are still hanging on to the thin shred of hope for a new DS redesign or new Wii colors can let go…for now, at least. In an interview with IGN, Nintendo of America‘s Executive Vice President for sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway has stated that external changes to their consoles are not on their plate of priorities at the moment. Check out her statements in the interview:

When asked about new Wii colors:

Certainly don’t have any announcements to make about different colors. We continue to sell out of Wii pretty much as fast as we put it on the shelf…when you’ve got something that’s still selling out about as fast as we can put it into the market, we’re not thinking about further colors at this point.

…and about the DS redesign:

What we’re focused on right now for DS is just getting it into the hands of more people. Again, when a piece of hardware that’s been out as long as DS has been out is able to still grow in the double digits, it just suggests that there’s still a lot of untapped market demand.

For those who didn’t read through the quoted statements above because of their length, let us make it simple for you: Nintendo isn’t planning on putting out new colors for the Wii or a newly-designed DS because, simply put, they’re selling well enough as they already are.

Since we’re currently looking at two market bestsellers, it may be best if we forget about waiting for that lime-green Wii or a paper-thin DS, because people still keep on snapping them Ninty consoles up.

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