‘Dusty PS3’ guy gets console repaired through Visa Extended Warranty

Sony's PlayStation 3 console - Image 1The months-long drama of the “Dusty PS3” owner finally draws to a close as he was finally able to get his console replaced thanks to his Visa card’s Extended Warranty Protection benefit. This was after countless hours of arguing with Sony customer care representatives to try and replace his dusty console.

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Sony's PlayStation 3 console - Image 1Remember that guy who was put off by Sony‘s customer care because they wouldn’t repair his PS3 due to being too dusty from neglect? Well, the months-long drama recently drew to a close when Reid was finally able to get his system replaced through his Visa card’s extended warranty protection.

After a hopeless bout of arguing with Sony’s customer care representatives and failing, he thought of trying to charge the console’s replacement through his Visa and was able to get a positive response. Here’s an excerpt of his quest to repair his PS3 console as retold from his email to The Consumerist:

I just got off the phone with Visa for the third time and they are sending me a claim form to start the repair/replacement process of my system.

They at first said that they would need to attempt to have it repaired in my local video game repair shop, but I let them know that i had already contacted them and the firmware in combination with the Blu-ray lens made it impossible to repair economically and it would have to be replaced. They said as long as I had a repair receipt stating that it wasn’t economical to repair, I could walk into a Best Buy, charge a new PS3 to my credit card and they would credit that charge.

Thanks A LOT, for all your help, you guys have more helpful than i would ever imagine. Lets just hope I never need to email you guys again shall we?

Thankfully, most credit cards carry this benefit which doubles your manufacturer’s warranty. It was definitely able to help him out of this months-long trial. Hopefully, this will serve as a good lesson for other people who are going through similar troubles with their own consoles.

Via The Consumerist

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