E3 2008: Crysis Warhead gameplay up close

E3 2008: Crysis Warhead gameplay in closeup - Image 1Though E3 hasn’t seen the participation of PC gaming advocates Intel and Microsoft’s Games for Windows initiative, game developer companies weren’t held back from announcing their PC projects in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Electronic Arts served up another one of Crysis Warhead‘s gameplay trailers, only this time they’ve kept it focused on the action and with its original audio. Video feature embedded at the full story.

If you’ve been wondering whether to stow away some cash to pick up Crytek‘s latest addition to the Crysis ‘verse, perhaps this new trailer from the 2008 E3 Media & Business Summit might help you reconsider.

Though some segments of the gameplay montage are identical to segments that appeared on an earlier trailer of Crysis Warhead, this version is a lot longer and also comes with full audio and voiceovers.

Yes, voiceovers. If you can get your mind past the Korean accented English, the lack of tactical cover, and the grenade rushes past Korean hardpoints, you’d notice that a certain voice stands out from the enemy’s taunts.

For sure, it’s not theirs, and we’ll tell you one thing: if that’s Psycho’s voice, then it’s a few stone throws off the attitude we’ve all been familiar with in the original Crysis.

Check it out for yourself. And yes, we noticed the player hasn’t died from constant damage. I guess demonstrations don’t rule out the restrictions of God mode when playing an easier level than Delta.

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