E3 2008: EA goes all out on Spore – trailers, presentation galore

E3 2008: EA goes all out on Spore - Image 1Next up from Electronic Arts is their flagship project of the year: the next big thing, some people say, to the best-selling Sims franchise. Spore looks to be shaping up perfectly for the September release, as constant media updates from E3 speak of polished, high definition graphics and striking visuals. But we won’t just let hearsay keep the anticipation up – Will Wright himself and the folks at EA’s booth have tendered several media presentations all for our viewing pleasure. Let ’em rip at the full story.

Straight from the floors of the E3 2008 summit comes three awesome features on the highly anticipated blockbuster of 2008: Will Wright‘s Spore. The strategy, simulation computer game has been in development for years (ages for some fans, we reckon), and the final weeks to its ship date could be killer after lazing your eyes on these specials.

First up is a presentation hosted by none other than the legendary Will Wright himself as part of the Electronic Arts press conference in the business-centric gaming event. If you’ve had any doubts to how big the game’s potential base is, this presentation will knock the air out of you.

Like how Wright pointed out, all the gamers in the world with Spore Creature Creator built as many unique creatures there are on Earth and uploaded them to Sporepedia in a timespan of 18 days.

Eighteen. It took God 7 days, and if you tried to make a statistic out of the figures, it could tell you that the capability of all the Spore fans in the world was at 38% of God’s efforts on our world.

Wicked sick. And speaking of wicked sick stuff, what about the trailer he promised?

Excited already? You haven’t seen it all yet. EA also presented another sneak peek at the game’s other stages, in close-to-publishing quality.

Well, there you have it. 2008 may very well be the year of Spore. We’ll see if crowds swarm retail when Spore ships to September 5, 2008.

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