E3 2008: Paradox Interactive presents Dark Horizon trailer

Paradox Interactive presents Dark Horizon trailer - Image 1Space simulations haven’t been ‘verse-shaking since Volition‘s last epic rendering of Descent FreeSpace 2, but they have always come at sweet times when the ache for a FreeSpace 3 and Descent 4 have been pulsing at an all-time high. Space Wolves and Tarr Chronicles were lovely distractions while the X universe continues to provide a leisurely sandbox experience. But some really need that sci-fi dogfighting fix, and Paradox Interactive hopes to  deliver with Dark Horizon (no relation to the flash game). Details and video flow at the full story.

Wing Commander, FreeSpace, and Lancer fans now hear this: Paradox Interactive has dared to announce several PC-exclusive projects at the console-centric E3 Media & Business Summit, and gladly, some of them appear to be quite promising in concept.

We’re told by the Swedish video game publisher that space action simulation Dark Horizon is likely to faithfully recreate the space simulation mood with classical mechanics intact.

Dogfights are more than a certainty with Dark Horizon, though the developers will only offer 22 missions along the action-centric adventure in space. Luckily, there has been a mention of Dark Horizon’s parallelism with other space combat classics.

Fredrik Wester, executive VP of Paradox, was quoted to have said, “Dark Horizon follows along the same lines of classics like Wing Commander and Freelancer, and it will be a great addition to our portfolio this year.”

Interesting prospect, but how will Dark Horizon fare in a rather meticulous market? See for yourself. We’ve managed to extract a gameplay trailer from Paradox Interactive, and it sits ready for your viewing below. Dark Horizon has been announced to ship to shelves by August 2008.

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