E3 Media & Business Summit 2008 now narrowly focused on console games

E3 Media & Summit 2008 now narrowly focused on console games - Image 1A report from Venture Beat has highlighted the fact that hardly any games to feature at the upcoming E3 Media & Business Summit are PC games. Though we know Deep Silver is still pushing forth for a full-blown extravaganza of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, the rest of PC gaming’s finest won’t be there at all. More at the full story.

E3 Media & Summit 2008 now narrowly focused on console games - Image 1 

We hear news that the 2008 E3 Media & Business Summit has yet another downside, and it’s somehow related to the fact that the invitation only show now has very little room to showcase PC games.

What remaining members seem to agree on is that the upcoming gaming event is almost just purely console games. And this, onlookers say, could deal a big blow to E3’s image.

“E3 has fundamentally become a console show,” said Unangst, and even semiconductor giant Intel, who is often present at E3 to promote gaming technology, agrees.

 “We didn’t want to just squeeze out some time at a console show,” explained the senior director. Instead, it was revealed that videogame titles to be published with the company’s Windows gaming label have been featured in a separate gaming event at the final week of June.

ESA has had its downs lately, and it appears that because of the several game companies that have left the association due to otherwise unconfirmed reasons, there’s going to be a shortage of PC games in the midst of the exposition there.

Blizzard and Her Interactive are two companies most dedicated to PC gaming, and they’re part of a few members who have left the association this year. id Software, LucasArts, Vivendi, NCsoft, and Crave Entertainment were the others officially reported to have given up their membership. Some have claimed to move their portfolios to other gaming events, including their own.

Now it seems that even after the rumors, E3 is still receiving serious flak. The neutral summit is even smaller than before, and there’s little in the horizon to convince many of it’s comeback. More on this as we get them.

Via Venture Beat

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